Certified for Microsoft Surface


Certified for Microsoft SurfaceTM

Helps ISVs achieve a Silver Competency in the Microsoft Partner Program

Program Overview

The VeriTest service of Lionbridge has worked closely with Microsoft to develop a   certification program for applications created in the exciting new Microsoft   Surface computing environment.

The multi-touch Microsoft Surface proposes a different relationship between   humans and technology, one that unfolds intuitively through natural human   input. We test against both technical and user experience requirements, so   that purchasers of certified products can be sure those products not only   meet strict compatibility and reliability standards, but user experience   guidelines which reinforce that relationship.

Qualifying applications are granted a "Certified for Microsoft Surface" logo and will be offered participation in significant co-marketing and public relations opportunities—as well as accreditation towards the ISV competency within the Microsoft Partner Program should the applicant already be a registered or Certified Microsoft Partner.

Testing for Microsoft Surface is presently offered only from our Los Angeles, California office, but can be completed in any supported language. Another Surface test center is scheduled to open in Europe in the Q1 2011 timeframe.

Since 1995, the VeriTest service of Lionbridge has helped more than 10,000 ISVs pass certification tests for Microsoft platforms, and we provide a complete range of development, test, localization and consultative services to Microsoft's ISV partners. Always, our goal is to help you streamline the globalization and deployment process. For general information on our services, see Product Engineering Services or contact us.

Technical Requirements and Program Eligibility

Before submitting a product, you should join the Partner Program at Microsoft, and review The Certified for Microsoft Surface Software Logo Technical Requirements. An additional Test Cases document will be available shortly, and you will find other important tools and resources available on the Downloads page.

ISV Applications - Release Candidates

We can accept feature complete release candidates of applications for certification testing. Code changes that do not change the features or functionality of products (e.g. bug fixes) will not require any re-testing. However, Microsoft reserves the right to audit any certified application to ensure that updates have not violated any requirements of certification.

ISV Applications - User Interface Languages

Testing of products that feature a user interface in a language other than English is no problem for us-we can test products in all languages supported by Surface. We do request that you supply us with instructions in English to install, configure, and exercise your product for the test.

Products that support multiple user interface languages only require certification testing of one language version.

ISV Applications - Standalone and Networked Products

We can test stand-alone applications, and applications that require network connectivity to back-end systems. We can also test applications that require other products to be installed in the test bed. We can usually supply any Microsoft products required for your product to operate, but in most cases you will have to supply us with software and licenses for any third party (other than Microsoft) products required by your product. You may also need to supply us with specialized peripheral hardware, if required.


  1. Join the Microsoft Surface partner program
  2. Ensure your application meets the Requirements
  3. Submit advance waiver requests
  4. Register for testing at VeriTest
  5. Test hardware drivers, if any, with winqual
  6. Submit your testing package
  7. Receive your test results
  8. Retest if necessary
  9. Once your product passes
  10. Only qualified members of the Microsoft Surface Partner Program may certify applications. Please see the Microsoft Partner Program information pages.


  1. Ensure your application meets Microsoft's requirements. Carefully read the Certified for Microsoft Surface Requirements Document.


  1. Submit advance waiver requests for possible logo compliance issues displayed by your product or by third-party products required for your product to function by filling out the Logo Disclosure Document with a detailed description of your issue, and sending to certlab@veritest.com. You might also consider having us do an inexpensive Pre-Certification Test to identify issues before an official test-this can save you lots of time and money.


  1. Register for testing at VeriTest

Accurately completing VeriTest's Online Vendor Questionnaire ensures that we'll test your product as quickly as possible. Note that in most cases a credit card is required to register products for testing.

Important Note about the Tracking Number: Upon submitting the online questionnaire, you will receive a tracking number. Write this tracking number on your product media (CD-ROM or DVD) when you send it in for testing and refer to it in all correspondence.


  1. If you bundle hardware drivers with your software, they must be tested by WHQL. See http://www.microsoft.com/whdc/winlogo/default.mspx.


  1. Submit your testing package

    Required Items

During the online registration process, you will be prompted to specify how you wish to deliver your software to us. You can deliver your software to VeriTest on media, or by uploading it to our FTP server. Alternatively, you may provide a URL for us to download your software. If you ship your software on media, please include the Tracking Number you received during registration on all materials you submit.

  1. Any third-party software products required to exercise your product's functionality.
  2. Any unusual or proprietary hardware required for your product which is unlikely to be in VeriTest's standard library, e.g., a specialized telephony device, a VR headset, etc. These items will be returned to you (at your expense) after a final test result is obtained.
  3. Any sample data required to exercise your product's functionality. If, for example, you are submitting a financial tool, please include a sample dataset we can use for testing. Please clearly label the sample data.
  4. If you bundle hardware drivers with your software, they must be tested by WHQL to qualify your application for the Certified for Windows Vista Logo. See http://www.microsoft.com/whdc/winlogo/default.mspx.


  1. Receive your test results

We will test your application as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. If we encounter issues setting up and configuring your application in our lab or we determine that your product may not be eligible to be tested for this program, your application will be placed on hold and you will be contacted right away.

Once testing is complete, you will receive results from VeriTest. Because of the testing technique, interim results are not available.


  1. Retest if necessary. If you initially fail the test, you will be invited to submit for a retest. Retests for this program are handled informally via email. Contact certlab@veritest.com.


  1. Once Your Product Passes

Once your product passes Surface Certification, there are some important steps for you to take.

Having a product pass testing for the "Platform Test for ISV Solutions" program means your company has met the Certification Requirement for joining the ISV / Software Solution Competency of the Microsoft Partner Program.

The Microsoft partner program will be updated within 14 days of Microsoft receiving notification from VeriTest with accreditation.

VeriTest provides a press release template, available on the Downloads page. Please draft a release and send it to pr@lionbridge.com for further approval and additions. Unless you submit a release to us for approval, you must limit the VeriTest reference to the following statement: “Testing was conducted independently by VeriTest, a testing service of Lionbridge Technologies.”