Dynamics: CRM or ERP Competency

Completing the Five Basic Requirements

  1. Complete Solution Testing
  2. Establish a Software Escrow Account
  3. Demonstrate your Support Capability
  4. Provide existing Customer Evidences
  5. Establish an ERP/CRM competency in the Microsoft Partner Network



How to Establish your competency within MPN

After passing the ERP Software Solution Test at VeriTest or the online CRM test, you must:

1. Register your successful Software Solution Test within the Microsoft Partner Network Membership Center

2. Call the Regional Service Center to ask them to validate it for your ERP or CRM Competency.

3. You are now eligible to list your application in the Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace.

4. This is an essential Element of the Certified for Microsoft Dynamics process, and we urge you to complete that process in order to fully enjoy the benefits.

5. To access your Microsoft Silver Competency (ERP or CRM) please go to: https://partners.microsoft.com/partnerprogram/Welcome.aspx