Dynamics: FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the CfMD program? Certified for Microsoft Dynamics ("CfMD") is a solution certification achieved by Microsoft Dynamics partners whose software solutions have met Microsoft Corporationís highest standard for partner developed solutions.

What are the  requirements for the CfMD program? The most up-to-date CfMD requirements are always listed under the Step-by-Step Instructions at VeriTest. Currently, there are Five Basic Requirements: solution software test, customer evidences, Software Escrow, Support Capabilities and Silver or Gold Competency. New CfMD requirements will not impact completed CfMD accreditations only solutions in the process. Details will be communicated on the Step-by-Step instructions.

Does this logo give us Gold Certified Status? The Gold Certified Partner program was retired by Microsoft on October 31, 2010. It is no longer available.

How do we reconcile the testing requirements for MPN with requirements for CfMD? The Software Solution Test provided by VeriTest/Lionbridge qualifies toward both the CfMD program and the MPN program for ERP and CRM competencies. Similarly to CfMD, solution tests for MPN need to be on the latest version of the Microsoft Dynamics product available. For countries where the latest version is not available, the Regional Service Center can override the rule and grant an exception to fulfill the new MPN requirements.

Our solution test expired after two years in the Microsoft Partner Network (MPN). How does it impact our CfMD accreditation and our status in the new MPN program? Previously earned CfMD accreditations are not impacted by expired solutions tests. We only recommend renewing the solution test if there is a newer version of the Microsoft Dynamics product available.  After a test is retired, partners have until their membership renewal date to take and pass new test in order to maintain their silver or gold competency.

We already have a CfMD solution. Do we automatically achieve the Gold Competency Status? While CfMD qualifies solutions, the MPN qualifies partners. The Gold Competency status within the new MPN has several requirements; CfMD is just one of them. Please review the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Gold Competency requirements.

We earned CfMD on an older version of Microsoft Dynamics, e.g. on NAV 5.0 while NAV 2009 is the latest version available. Is this older CfMD valid for the Gold ERP or CRM Competency or are we required to upgrade our CfMD to NAV 2009? Partners who choose to attain Silver or Gold Competency will need to pass the solution test based on the latest Microsoft product version in market. If the latest version not available in your country/region, please contact the Regional Service Center to override this rule and allow your certification to qualify toward Gold Competency.

How do we register our Certified for Microsoft Dynamics (CfMD) accreditation to achieve Gold Competency in the new MPN? All CfMD solutions are uploaded into the MPN system via automated data feeds. Please expect a few weeks of time lag after you achieve CfMD.

Do we have to pass the Implementation Methodology examination for CfMD?This exam, also known as "Sure Step," is a requirement of the MPN Competency, not CfMD.

We are required to gather customer references for the new Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) as well as for our CfMD process. Can any of these references be applied toward both processes? References entered into the Partner Membership Center can count toward both the MPN and CfMD requirements. They are called "Microsoft Confidential References" on the CfMD references page. The other four CfMD reference options cannot be applied toward the MPN requirements.

The Industry Badge requirements include "Authorized reseller of a Microsoft industry solution". What is an Authorized Reseller? Authorized Reseller for CfMD is a reselling partner of a certified solution who has met the requirements of both the ISV and Microsoft. This is a free process. Benefits include: use if the CfMD logo and priority ranking in the Solution Finder and Dynamics Marketplace. See requirements here. Contact dynsf@microsoft.com to get started. It also fulfills one of the MPN Industry Badge (or also called Partner Industry Certification System) requirements. Note: Authorized reseller status is not a requirement of Silver Competency for the VAT track, only for the Industry Badge.

Why are the revenue requirements higher for ISVs than for VARs? The assumption is that ISVs work with several resellers, therefore generating revenue from various channels. If you are a Non-Selling ISV, working through resellers, make sure you register your indirect revenue.

We are both a VAR and an ISV, i.e. a Selling ISV. Do we need to choose the VAR or the ISV track to achieve the new MPN ERP or CRM competencies? Selling ISVs (who both resell Microsoft Dynamics and build software) can choose to qualify through VAR or ISV tracks. If qualifying through VAR track, CfMD is recommended, but not required. Learn more about CfMD for Resellers...

Which logo should I be using, the CfMD or the MPN Gold Competency logo? MPN is about partners; therefore, it can be used in reference to your company. CfMD is about solutions; therefore, the CfMD logo can only be used in reference to the certified application. See CfMD Logo License Agreement and Usage Guidelines.

We have a solution built on Microsoft Dynamics and have achieved ISV Competency in the past. Is ISV Competency the best route for us in the new MPN? The ISV Competency in the new MPN is primarily for partners who built solutions on other platforms than Microsoft Dynamics. For Microsoft Dynamics Partners, the ERP or CRM Silver or Gold Competencies are recommended.