Dynamics: Pricing, Schedule, Policies


Base Fees

The following Base Fees cover the entire certification process, including software testing, for a solution that installed using the English language. The cost is the same, whether the entire process is completed or only partially completed. Fees are required in advance.

Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions (includes Solution Test) US $3,500
Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions With Pass Guarantee (see below and includes Solution Test) US $4,400
CRM 2011 Certification (after MPR Self-Test Completion) US $750

Additional and Optional Fees

Pass Guarantee - Available for ERP Only

VeriTest offers a Pass Guarantee price of US $4,400 for Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions, which includes retesting until a Pass is obtained. This package can greatly reduce your cost off of base+retesting fees (see Retesting Below). Learn more about Pass Guarantee...

Additional Setup Time

The above fees assume no more than 4 hours installation time, including backend elements. Setup time exceeding 4 hours will be billed at US $125 per hour. This fee assumes installation instructions are in English, but the fee covers testing of applications with a user interface in any language supported by Microsoft Dynamics solutions.

Additional Non-English Installation Fee 

For an additional fee of US $500, you can now submit installation instructions in other languages besides English. For promotion and more details see below. Learn more about submitting in languages other than English...

Note on Language costs related to Pass Guarantee: In cases where the language fee is used in combination with the Pass Guarantee package, the language fee covers the pre-certification effort but not further language specific re-testing following reporting of pre-certification findings. VeriTest reserves the right to ask for an additional language fee should subsequent re-testing require additional language translation.

Retest Fees 

These are additional fees to test new builds of solutions that fail the Software Solution Test for Microsoft Dynamics. You can sign up with VeriTest at msdynamics@veritest.com for a re-test of the Software Solution Test after solving the outstanding issues. You can avoid these fees with the Pass Guarantee option (see above).

 Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions US $1,800
 Microsoft Dynamics CRM solutions US $1,500


Upgrading Certification Fees - ERP Only

You may upgrade your certification to a newer version of Microsoft Dynamics for a discounted price of $3100  if no new customer references need to be validated. For example, if you are upgrading from Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0 to NAV 2009 R2 and all of your existing customer references are on Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0. These can all be reused for the upgrade,  and the discounted fee applies.


The typical turnaround time for a Solution Test is 10-15 business days once your on-line registration is complete, your payment has been confirmed, and we have received your software.

The schedule for completion of the additional elements depends on your completion of each step. If all the elements are in place before you come to VeriTest, the total turnaround should be 10-15 days.

For Non-English testing, please expect an additional 2 weeks.


The Certified for Microsoft Dynamics accreditation never expires. however Microsoft might not recognize your solution tested or certified on an older Microsoft Dynamics version after a certain period (approximately 12 months after the availability of a newer version). In order to provide the latest technology for your customers, Microsoft encourages you to test your solution on the newest version of the Microsoft Dynamics products within three months of the availability of the new version and certify your solution within six months of availability.  In general, you should test within 3 months of availability of new Microsoft Dynamics product version, and certify within 6 months.

Note that expired tests don't impact the Certified for Microsoft Dynamics status, only the Microsoft Partner Network status and the marketing support you receive from Microsoft (such as listing in the Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace).

Revoking the CfMD Logo

Microsoft has the right to deny or terminate the CfMD accreditation of any partner which does not have a good standing with Microsoft.