Dynamics: Software Escrow

Completing the Five Basic Requirements

  1. Complete Solution Testing
  2. Establish a Software Escrow Account
  3. Demonstrate your Support Capability
  4. Provide existing Customer Evidences
  5. Establish an ERP/CRM competency in the Microsoft Partner Network



What is source code escrow?

Source code escrow is the deposit of the source code of software with a third party escrow agent. Escrow is typically requested by a party licensing software (the licensee), to ensure maintenance of the software. The software source code is released to the licensee if the licensor files for bankruptcy or otherwise fails to maintain and update the software as promised in the software license agreement. (Source: Wikipedia)

Why is it a CfMD requirement?

As CfMD is Microsoft's highest level partner solution accreditation, Microsoft wants to provide further assurance to customers that they make a good choice when deciding to deploy a CfMD solution. This also enhances the value proposition of partners with CfMD solutions.

Note: The escrow agreement is between the ISVs partner and the escrow company of their choice. Microsoft does not warrant or guarantee, and disclaims all liability arising from, any partner-created trainings, solutions, implementations or services and/or their performance.

How do I meet the CfMD escrow requirement?

Featured Escrow Companies

Feel free to contact the companies listed below or any other escrow agencies in your region that meet the minimum criteria to provide escrow services for the CfMD program Minimum Requirements (please enquire at msdynamics@veritest.com).

Escrow4all B.V. - the Netherlands

Consisting of a multidisciplinary team of seasoned professionals, Escrow4all is widely regarded as the thought leader in technology escrow in the Benelux and Europe. Quality conscious ISVs and end-users benefit best from our expertise and flexibility. Whether you are seeking a proven source code escrow agreement for on-premise software or a smart continuity plan for hosted (SaaS/Cloud) applications, we are committed to provide you with the best escrow solutions available. Extended verification services are carried out by in-house verification consultants with at least 9 years of escrow experience. Our client portal offers all parties 24/7 actual status info and transparency. ISVs can use our (complementary) secured upload server to deposit escrow material. Managing your escrow accounts could not be easier!

Contact: For further details please contact Escrow4all's dedicated Sales Team at sales@escrow4all.com or call +31 20 3420 250 (for our special CfMD pricing, please mention CfMD and provide your Lionbridge tracking number) or visit www.escrow4all.com

Escrow Associates

Statement by Escrow Associates: Founded by former Managers and Directors of Iron Mountain, ESCROW ASSOCIATES is the premier intellectual property protection company. More than three decades of software and technology experience have gone into developing escrow services that are specifically designed around the needs of the client. ESCROW ASSOCIATES provides the most flexible service offerings in the industry along with the most responsive customer service department.

Contact: For further details contact Angelia Miller or call 678.381.2763 and mention CfMD for special pricing and your Lionbridge tracking number. We also invite you to visit our software escrow blog and the Escrow Associates website for valuable escrow information.

Escrow Europe (Pty) Ltd - South Africa

Escrow Europe (Pty) Ltd is the only active escrow service provider on the African continent to have achieved the internationally recognized ISO 9001:2008 quality certification standard. Escrow Europe (Pty Ltd is an entirely neutral and independent, specialized escrow service provider and is in a unique position to assist CfMD Partners to enhance their value proposition to their Clients. Our personalized consulting services offer CfMD Clients world-class escrow skills and expertise for ensuring that their investments in CfMD Solutions are properly protected. Contact: For further details please contact Andrew Stekhoven, Managing Director, at andrew.stekhoven@escroweurope.co.za or call +27 (0)21 852 9365 (for our special CfMD pricing, please mention CfMD and provide your Lionbridge tracking number) or feel free to visit us atwww.escroweurope.co.za


Statement by Guard-IT: Flexibility, service and pricing have made Guard-IT a leading innovator in software escrow and intellectual property escrow services since 1999. Guard-IT's exclusive and secure Online Client Services site lets you set up new escrow accounts, add beneficiaries (clients) to your account, upload your deposit materials & updates and update account contact information 24/7. You may customize Guard-IT'ssample escrow agreement or submit your own agreement to Guard-IT.
Guard-IT does not charge extra for customization of your escrow agreement or for extra storage space, and your escrow fees are guaranteed for the life of the agreement.

Contact: Please complete the escrow set-up form. Questions: e-mail (mention CfMD for special pricing and share Lionbridge tracking number); +1 (512) 282-1995 (mention CfMD for special pricing); http://www.guard-it.com/

Hanse Escrow Management GmbH

Together with its service partner TUViT, the company HanseEscrow Management offers since 2004 a flexible Escrow product and service portfolio at fixed prices. Our service and consulting services are designed to serve both users and suppliers. The company's core business is the fiduciary administration of software source codes and design data, including completeness testing and update services for updated versions. With more than 400 customers and 1,900 cases of fiduciary administration in Germany, Europe and Asia, the company is able to prove that the concept of an "active Escrow" offers the level of security required by the market.

Contact: Bodo Mro, Managing Director (mention CfMD for special pricing and share Lionbridge tracking number), +49 (0) 40 64 66 994 02b.mross@hanse-escrow.de, Norderstedt/Germany, www.hanse-escrow.de

InnovaSafe Inc.

Statement by InnovaSafe: InnovaSafe is a veteran-owned and operated, Tier I supplier of neutral, trusted intellectual property protection and software escrow services since 2001. InnovaSafe meets its clients' concerns with cost effective and comprehensive solutions. Customers depend on us to perform special services in a discreet, efficient and prompt manner.

Contact: requestinfo@innovasafe.com or call 1-800-239-3989 ext. 4788; (mention CfMD for special pricing and share Lionbridge tracking number); http://www.innovasafe.com/

Software Escrow Guardians (SEG)

Software Escrow Guardians (SEG) is the longest established specialist software escrow agent in the Asia Pacific region, providing software escrow services to all types of organisations from small business to multi-national companies and government departments worldwide.  SEG holds source code for software produced and used in the Asia Pacific region, USA, and Europe.  SEG guarantees expert service in the provision of escrow services to software users and providers.  Microsoft Dynamics partners who provide their Lionbridge tracking number will receive SEG's special CfMD pricing .

For further information on our Escrow Services visit www.SoftwareEscrowGuardians.com or contact Neil Gladden on (Australia) 1800 143 427, (New Zealand) +64 9 623 0513. Alternatively email him atneil.gladden@SoftwareEscrowGuardians.com.

TUV-SUd Product Service GmbH

TUV SUD is a leading international service organization catering to the strategic business segments Industry, Mobility, and Certification. Around 15,000 employees are represented at more than 600 locations throughout the world. Optimizing technology, systems and know-how, the interdisciplinary specialist teams act as process partners to strengthen their customers' competitiveness.

In assuming a neutral function as an escrow agent, TUV SUD offers extensive experience with Software Escrow Services. With the goals to reduce risks, protect investments and give confidence TUV SUD is your partner as an independent service provider. Take your chance to use the worldwide recognized TUV SUD certification mark as a successful marketing instrument which shows your business partners, that the escrow object has been verified reliably and escrowed with an approved agent - TUV SUD Product Service. You can download sample escrow agreements in German or in English.

Contact: For further details contact escrow@tuev-sued.de (mention CfMD for special pricing and share Lionbridge tracking number), call +49 89 5008 4500 or visit our website http://www.tuev-sued.com/escrow.