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Dynamics: Customer Evidences

Completing the Two Basic Requirements

  1. Pass the Software Solution Test
  2. Provide ten Customer Evidences 



Why customer evidences?


The purpose of customer evidences is to grow trust in your solution among customer prospects, showing that your solution has already been used and recommended by others.


What is the requirement? 

  • Your solution must have 10 customer evidences for your solution to fulfill the Certified for Microsoft Dynamics (CfMD) requirements.
  • Customers connecting to the same Server Installation via a CAL may not be considered

How to submit your references

  1. To provide Evidences, you must be registered for the Software Solutions Test and CfMD, follow the link to Submit Online.
  2. Navigate to the CfMD Validation page, please select your existing Product in the list to add your Customer References - How To Guide.

Lionbridge are no longer managing new CfMD registration on the latest versions of Dynamics NAV 2017, Dynamics 365 for Operations or Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement should complete the Certified for Microsoft Dynamics Registration Form here and mail it to

ISV's may continue to close out their CfMD on NAV 2015 and NAV 2016 using the new Customer Evidence rules announced on Partnersource here via CfMD Validation with Lionbridge at

Customer reference requirement


The customer reference requirement has been amended.

Reference Qualification rules


  • Customer references added over the past two years will be acceptable for Dynamics NAV (all versions), Dynamics 365 for Operations (formerly Dynamics AX) and Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement (CRM Online) - if a customer added on an earlier version has since upgraded their NAV version enter the upgrade date.
  • At least one reference needing to be on the latest version of the product

 When adding your Customer references online via CfMD Validation you will be required to enter the following information, Customer Name, Customer PartnerSource Business Center (PSBC) No., Solution Name (name of your solution), Microsoft Dynamics Product Version (any version) and Date the customer began using this version.

What about older Customers?

 If your customer was added more than 2 years ago but they have since upgraded their Microsoft Dynamics version e.g. from NAV 2013 to NAV 2015 in the last 2 years, you may add this customer entering the Date they upgraded (= date began using this version.)


Microsoft Executive Nomination removal

The previously accepted Microsoft Executive Nomination allowing a Director level Microsoft Executive to count for one of the ten customer references is being removed from January 2017.


Microsoft Reselling Partner Evidences removal

Previously reselling partners could provide customer references on behalf of their customers but this is being removed from January 2017 when only customer references will be accepted.


Existing customer evidences for CfMD  


Please note if you had previously supplied and had references Approved under the old rules, before December 31st 2016, those references will still count towards your CfMD validation but you will no longer be able to add new references using this method.