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Dynamics: FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions


Can I choose Lionbridge to test my NAV 2017 solution?

See Microsoft's new process for NAV 2017 on partnersource here.

Lionbridge can provide the Software Solution test in their test lab via you will also need to sign up with Microsoft to earn the overall CfMD award.

The CfMD will be managed by Microsoft for the latest Microsoft Dynamics versions Dynamics NAV 2017, Dynamics 365 for Operations or Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement should complete the Certified for Microsoft Dynamics Registration Form here and mail it to


What is the CfMD Program?

Certified for Microsoft Dynamics ("CfMD") is a solution certification achieved by Microsoft Dynamics partners whose software solutions have met Microsoft Corporation’s highest standard for partner developed solutions.  


What are the  requirements for the CfMD program? 

The most up-to-date CfMD requirements are always listed under the Step-by-Step Instructions. Currently, there are Two Key Requirements: solution software test, customer evidences, Software Escrow, Support Capabilities, Silver or Gold (ERP/CRM) Competency and Partner Center profile. New CfMD requirements will not impact completed CfMD accreditations only solutions in the process. Details will be communicated on the Step-by-Step instructions.


What is happening with Microsoft Pinpoint and Partner Center?

Microsoft pinpoint is migrating to Partner Center, existing Partners should continue to manage their profile on Pinpoint. Add new profiles in Partner Center or Import existing Application profiles from Pinpoint. Provide the URL for your company on Partner Center to Lionbridge for Approval.


How do I complete the Registered Solution program for NAV?

 To complete the Registered Solution Program requirements and access $0 pricing for NAV modules please meet the following milestones:

1. Connect with Microsoft to join the Registered Solutions program and access your modules, see the Microsoft Registered Solution Program home page on Partnersource
2. Register for the NAV test with Lionbridge then send Lionbridge your module numbers.  The discounted pricing comes into effect within 10 working days.
3. Must Pass the Software Solution Test within 3 months
4. Must Pass the Certified Dynamics Test within 24 months– if the CfMD test is not completed within this time Microsoft will retrospectively bill you for any sales. 


How do we reconcile the testing requirements for MPN with requirements for CfMD?

 The Software Solution Test provided by VeriTest/Lionbridge qualifies toward both the CfMD program and the MPN program for ERP and CRM competencies. Similarly to CfMD, solution tests for MPN need to be on the latest version of the Microsoft Dynamics product available. For countries where the latest version is not available, the Regional Service Center can override the rule and grant an exception to fulfill the new MPN requirements.


How can I expedite my certification?

Please engage fully with the CfMD program administrators and ensure any submitted details are as complete and accurate as possible. With regard to the customer evidences CfMD requirement, where we contact your customers directly by email, (Confidential VeriTest reference type or Reseller Recommendation), ensure that all listed customers are notified in advance of highlighting Lionbridge’s intention to send and receive, from them, their recommendations.

How can I find the current status of my certification?

 We encourage you to review the status information for your certification available via the  Any specific questions relating to a CfMD milestone item can then be directed to for response.


Which Software Solution Test should I use for getting my Microsoft Dynamics C5 solution CfMD validated?

There are no specific Software Solution test for Microsoft Dynamics C5 2014 and future versions. The solution must be certified for the Microsoft Dynamics NAV using the Software Solution Test for Microsoft Dynamics NAV. The partner must refer to the fact that Microsoft Dynamics NAV is the platform for Microsoft Dynamics C5 and hence the certification also covers Microsoft Dynamics C5.


Our solution test expired after two years in the Microsoft Partner Network (MPN). How does it impact our CfMD accreditation and our status in the new MPN program? 

Previously earned CfMD accreditations are not impacted by expired solutions tests. We only recommend renewing the solution test if there is a newer version of the Microsoft Dynamics product available.  After a test is retired, partners have until their membership renewal date to take and pass new test in order to maintain their silver or gold competency. When Microsoft's major version has not been updated for over 2 years and Certification remains valid on the current major version the expiry date may be extended - email 


We already have a CfMD solution. Do we automatically achieve the Gold Competency Status? 

While CfMD qualifies solutions, the MPN qualifies partners. The Gold Competency status within the new MPN has several requirements; CfMD is just one of them. Please review the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Gold Competency requirements.


How do we register our Certified for Microsoft Dynamics (CfMD) accreditation to achieve Gold Competency in the new MPN? All CfMD solutions are uploaded into the MPN system via automated data feeds. Please expect a weeks of time lag after you achieve CfMD.


 Why are the revenue requirements higher for ISVs than for VARs? 

The assumption is that ISVs work with several resellers, therefore generating revenue from various channels. If you are a Non-Selling ISV, working through resellers, make sure you register your indirect revenue.


We are both a VAR and an ISV, i.e. a Selling ISV. Do we need to choose the VAR or the ISV track to achieve the new MPN ERP or CRM competencies? 

Selling ISVs (who both resell Microsoft Dynamics and build software) can choose to qualify through VAR or ISV tracks. If qualifying through VAR track, CfMD is recommended, but not required. Learn more about CfMD for Resellers...


Which logo should I be using, the CfMD or the MPN Gold Competency logo? 

MPN is about partners; therefore, it can be used in reference to your company. CfMD is about solutions; therefore, the CfMD logo can only be used in reference to the certified application. See CfMD Logo License Agreement and Usage Guidelines.