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Dynamics: Support Capabilities

Completing the Six Basic Requirements

  1. Complete Solution Testing
  2. Offer an Escrow Service via your license terms
  3. Demonstrate your Support Capability
  4. Provide existing Customer Evidences
  5. Establish an ERP/CRM competency in the Microsoft Partner Network
  6. Create a Partner Center Profile 


Why this requirement?

To provide assurance for customers deploying CfMD solutions that their solution is systematically supported with knowledgeable resources. All partners who complete CfMD need to prove that they are set up to support their customers.

How do I meet the CfMD requirement?


  • Have a page on your company website (or on your resellers' website if you are a non-selling ISV) detailing how you support existing customers on your solution that is being certified. See the Microsoft Dynamics support webpage as an example.
  • Make sure to include the following details:
    1. Service Level Agreement with a time to respond to support incidents. See example.
    2. Support Lifecycle to guarantee how long you will support and fix a certain version of your solution. See example.
    3. Support Knowledge Database - a collection of previous chats, FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions). See example.
    4. Support and escalation contacts:
      • Support contact information for customers
      • Escalation contact (name, e-mail, and phone) for Microsoft to engage with partner in case of support escalation.

Product Roadmap

Either in a Statement on your website, in a slide in your presentation deck or in any other location accessible to your customers; provide proof that your solution will follow the Statement of Direction for the Microsoft Dynamics product (AX, NAV, GP, CRM)  that your solution is built on

You must ensure that as Microsoft adds new features, that your solution will be upgraded thus allowing your customers to install the latest version. The proof for this requirement can be as simple as a statement on your website, or a slide in your presentation decks..