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Ecosystem Enablement

The ISV, IHV, and VAR partners of major platform ecosystems are constantly challenged to stay ahead of new technologies while expanding their global market presence.

Lionbridge operates a specific "Ecosystem Enablement" practice, working closely with major platform providers and their partner ecosystems on a wide range of initiatives, including product development, ecosystem training, localization, product certification, and co-branded marketing efforts.

Along with consulting on overall Partner Program structures, benefits, and deployment, we help your partners with...

Building for New Deployments

In our product development facilities, we help ISVs port or migrate to new technologies and re-engineer for SaaS. We take a low-cost "rightshoring" approach, utilizing our centers in Boise, Mumbai, Chennai, and Warsaw. These efforts are always closely aligned with technology initiatives from our sponsoring platform clients.Building New Products

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Enabling for Global Markets

Lionbridge offers professional marketing collateral development, SEO, and sales enablement on the web. We are the world's largest localization provider, and we offer complete content authoring services. This work includes worldwide co-branding initiatives with major platform ecosystems, and utilizes our award-winning language technologies.

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Training for New Directions

Our eLearning, educational product development, and content groups help platform providers, ISVs, and VARs educate teir ecosystems. We are one of the world's Top 20 training companies (as listed by, and a major provider of Learning Management and Exam systems.

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The VeriTest service of Lionbridge is the best known name in product testing. We are consistently ranked in the Top Five test providers by the Black Book of Outsourcing, and we provide a complete line of Testing Services, including authorized testing for many leading Product Certification programs.

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