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Sage UK: Step-by-Step Instructions

Please follow these steps to complete your certification:

  1. Go to the Requirements and Resources Page on this site and obtain:
    • The technical requirements for the Sage Certified Solution programme.
    • Sage Certified Solution Statement for your signature.
  2. Enroll your company in the Sage UK Developers Program.
  3. Sage will request and validate your references and business data. When accepted, Sage will provide your company name to VeriTest.
  4. Email us at to obtain a company login name and password to the Certification Registration system.
  5. Once you have obtained a login, register your company, contact information, and any products you may intend to certify.
  6. An FTP folder on the VeriTest servers will be automatically generated for each product you register. Within your PRODUCT FTP FOLDER will be folders for "User Documentation," "Certification Documentation" and "Solution Executables." Please use these folders when you upload to us.
  7. Begin the process of filling out, signing, and uploading the Certified Solution Statement to the "Certification Documentation" folder on the FTP site.
    • Identify an internal resource who can demo your solution to VeriTest over the web.
    • Identify a sample data set for demonstration purposes.
  8. When you're ready to test, "Add a test project" within the VeriTest registration system, choosing the appropriate tests.
  9. Deliver your solution, sample data set, and user documentation to VeriTest via mail or FTP. Be sure to write your company name, product name and version, and project number on all mail deliveries. Mail deliveries should go to: Attn: Sage Lab at Lionbridge Technologies 5777 N. Meeker, Suite 101 Boise, ID 83713 Main: +1 208 321 4400 Fax: +1 208 321 4490
  10. When you have completed all the above steps or know that all the above steps can be completed before a date certain, go into the Registration system and choose "Submit Your Test project" to request a test date and obtain a final test quote. Please contact us if you wish to discuss your quote.
  11. Within two (2) working days following submission, the VeriTest administrator will contact you via email with a proposed test date and a test quotation. Please be prepared to discuss a method for demonstrating your product to us. You may also contact us directly at to schedule a test date.
  12. VeriTest will email you an Invoice and payment options. This Invoice must be paid at least one (1) week before your test date or you will risk losing your test date. If you cancel a test date for any reason, VeriTest may assess a £70 rescheduling fee.
  13. Within one (1) week before the test date, VeriTest must have:
    1. Your product
    2. Sample Data Set, if any
    3. Your Certified Solution Statement
    4. User Documentation
    5. Full Payment
  14. The Testing period will last from 2-5 days. In general, your cooperation in demonstrating the product is required during the first two (2) days. After that, we may require immediate access to your technical personnel to resolve issues. You can track test status through the registration system.
  15. Following the test period, VeriTest sends a draft report to Sage for approval before issuing a "pass" or "fail" to your company. There may be an additional delay during this period.
  16. If Your Product Fails a Test Pass
    • The issues are often minor and easily corrected. VeriTest will give you a test report outlining problem areas and quoting a retest price, if any.
    • When you have corrected your product, please initiate a new test project within the registration system, designating it as a "Retest." Then contact to complete testing details.
  17. When Your Product Passes
    • VeriTest will send you a "PASS" result via email, followed by a draft test report within a few days.
    • If you wish to issue a press release, and want a template, please Contact Us for details and coordination.
    • Within ten (10) working days, VeriTest will send a final test report for your review and feedback before posting to the internet and linking with your listing in the Sage online third-party solutions directory.